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2018 Seeka Offices

Seeka Office WINNER Architecture Awards, Waikato/Bay of Plenty 2018, Interior Architecture Awards

This project illustrates how a clean, pristine and modern approach to the refurbishment of a derelict 1970s building can increase staff satisfaction, morale and productivity. 

2017 Page Beach Bach

Page Beach Bach House WINNER Architecture Awards, Waikato/Bay of Plenty 2017, Enduring Architecture

Designed in 1972 this delightful time capsule is still in the family. A testament to design resolve, the bach has been unaltered, with the exception of an art studio added a year after completion. Every nook of this complex volume is occupied and enjoyed  and represents a crafted example of an architectural typology that has now come full circle: the tiny house.

2017 Paerata Ridge House

Paerata Ridge House WINNER Architecture Awards, Waikato/Bay of Plenty 2017, Residential Award

Pragmatic as well as elegant, the house explores a sensible environmental strategy of passive systems and power generation that supports farm operation. The space planning reflects the day-to-day running of a rural property with an appropriate hierarchy of private to public spaces that works perfectly for an extremely happy client. 

2011 Lot 9, Coast Papamoa

Lot 9 WINNER Local Award for Architecture, Residential Award

This house is a show home for a coastal development that, unusually, is distinguished by its promotion of architect-led design. Appealing to the general market and modern lifestyles while also providing flexibility to adapt to specific purchase requirements and site orientations. 

2010 McDonald House

McDonald House WINNER NZIA Local Award for Architecture, Residential Award

The additions are separated from the original house by a new, common entrance. This provides independent and/or extended family living with small private spaces and a large communal area that opens over outdoor decks to the beach beyond. Planned around and open internal courtyard with panoramic views, the design meets the dual challenge of providing shelter from onshore winds and privacy from beach users. 

2009 Knight House

Knight House WINNER Local Award for Architecture, Residential Award

This extensive alteration of an existing house draws the visitor inwards and upwards to a spacious and luxurious living area with a commanding view of the beach. Line, rather than mass, is the defining feature of this dramatic holiday home, reflected no only in the angled 'lid' over the main living area, but also in the subtle detailing of wall treatments. Variations in ceiling heights and floor finishes guide the footsteps and delight the eye.

2007 River Birches House

River Birches WINNER Local Award for Architecture, Residential Award - Bleibtreu House

A secluded riverside retreat that doubles as a family vacation home and an exclusive fishing lodge. The project required extensive alterations to an existing octagonal Lockwood house. The existing spaces we reorganised to express the unusual volume and to open the house up to the gardens.

2006 Gower House

Gower House WINNER NZIA Local Award for Architecture, Residential Award

A relaxed family holiday home perched amongst the bush on the cliff tops above Lake Taupo. The siting of the house takes full advantage of the secluded location and spectacular views of the mountains to the south.

2006 Te Kaha Villa

Te Kaha Villa WINNER Local Award for Architecture,Residential Award

This is a modest holiday home overlooking Mataerai Bay on the East Coast. Three simple building units step around an existing oak tree in the centre of the site.

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2005 Calder House

WINNER NZIA Local Award for Architecture,Residential Award

A modest holiday home that nestles into the side of a small basalt outcrop and fans up around the contour, so that it perches 'over' the sea.

2003 Holy Trinity Church (Stage 1)

WINNER NZIA  Architecture, Community and Cultural Award for Holy Trinity Church
(Stage 1)

This building reflects the changing attitudes to what a Church is and how it may be used. The planning of the complex is carefully considered in terms of functional needs and future developments.

2003 Simmons House

WINNER NZIA Local Award for Architecture, Residential Award

A little holiday bach on the dunes that expresses all the joy of being at the beach. This delight is expressed in the openness, simplicity and use of strong colour inside.

2002 Rotorua Boys High Millennium Centre

WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture

The architect has successfully created a diverse range of forms in this new school facility complex. This is apparent throughout - from the rectilinear hall through to the oval intimate theatre, to the curved careers/guidance suite that has been cleverly interwoven between mature trees.

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Ross House

2002 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture - Ross House Alterations

Am architecturally designed house from the late 1960s had suffered some unfortunate additions and was due some serious attention.

Manawahe Rd House

2000 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture - Manawahe Rd House

The building follows the contours of the ridge it sits on and, in doing so, surprises with the changing vistas while creating sheltered areas from the prevailing wind.

McCleod/ McGhie House

2000 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture - McCleod/McGhie House

A permanent home at the beach. Careful attention is paid to manipulation of the elements and to the privacy and protection of both interior and exterior spaces.

McCleod/ McGhie House

2000 WINNER NZIA Branch Colour Award - McCleod /McGhie House

Colour and materials have been skilfully used to both settle the house comfortably within the environment of the site and to enliven interior spaces.

Bryant House

1999 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture - Bryant House, Te Puna

A surprisingly open yet beautifully detailed courtyard concept. A centered and serene response to a picturesque site, incorporation finely detailed transitional space - an extensive exploration of water theming. 

Bryant House

1999 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture - People’s Choice Category for Bryant House, Te Puna

Voted by the general viewing public as the most popular design in the 1999 branch exhibition.

Mt Maunganui Golf Club

1999 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture -  Mt Mauganui Golf Club

A well executed design response, combining fine detailing with a functional layout. The resulting building represents exceptional value yet provokes a quality atmosphere. Thoroughly resolved details enhance the total design concept.

Whakamoenga Point House

1997 WINNER NZIA Regional Award for Architecture -  Whakamoenga Point House

Whakamoenga Point House

1997 WINNER Carter Holt Harvey Architectural Award - Residential Award - Whakamoenga Point House

Papamoa Beach House

1994 WINNER NZIA Regional Award for Architecture - Papamoa Beach House

Tilby House

1990 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture - Tilby House Alterations

Rolling roof form inspired by the seascape and the use of carefully chosen materials unifies this substantially altered beach house. Innovative planning exploits the 45 degree orientation to the beach and includes features well tailored to beach living.

Te Puke Library

1988 NZIA Design Commendation - Te Puke Public Library

A simple solution to low budget public building. The relationship to the neighbouring Council building well handled with bold, distinctive form, use of similar materials and the addition of planting.

Henderson House

1988 NZIA Design Commendation - Henderson House, Tauranga

Disciplined management of every aspect of this project produced a calm, cool and collected home and garden for 2 busy professional young people.

Cooney Lees and Morgan office suite

1988 NZIA Design Commendation - Cooney Lees and Morgan office suite, Tauranga

A splendid example of recycling. From a warehouse to a prestigious office suite making use of heights, spaces and openings which already existed.

MacLoughlin House

1985 WINNER NZIA Branch Award for Architecture - MacLoughlin House, Te Puke

A home that lets the world go by.