Te Kaha Villa, Te Kaha, East Cape

This is a modest holiday home overlooking Mataerai Bay on the East Coast. Three simple building units step around an existing Oak tree in the centre of the site.  This serves to break up the mass of the house while also providing for a courtyard sheltered from the afternoon sea breeze. 

The units are separated by function.  The first double height unit contains entry, bedrooms and bathrooms. A glazed hallway separates the spacious and contemporary kitchen.  A further glazed hall with built-in sun seat divides the dining and lounge unit allowing those spaces to unfold to the sun and the view to the bay below.  

Externally the key walls of the units are clad in Cedar weatherboard.  Other faces contrast the texture of the weatherboard with Cedar faced Plywood.  In the Entry and living areas the weatherboard continues into the interior to enforce visual lines from interior to exterior.  

Substantial eaves protect interiors from summer sun exposure while their tapering form reinforces the lightweight and clean lines of the home.  Internally a simple grid of particle board flooring with Jarrah inlay provides an easily serviceable but attractive floor.

WINNER Local Award for Architecture 2007

Bleibtreu House

Residential Award