Te Puke Tennis Club, Autuaroa Avenue, Te Puke

A green field development of new tennis facilities for Te Puke. The 8 courts and a new pavilion building sit on the edge of a re-contoured council park.  

Site and orientation were selected after exhaustive consultation and exploration of alternative venues and court layouts. 

Sitting above the courts the pavilion fans out from the entry opening through the lounge and onto substantial deck and paved area.  The timber deck terraces down to the court level providing seating and viewing across all courts.  

Metal clad rectilinear forms of the changing rooms flank the timber clad wedge of the pavilion.  

The solid timber walls of the Interlock are robust and system reduced the need for interior finishing while Bondor roofing panels economised the construction.  The corrugated exterior was chosen to minimise possible graffiti, the Interlock company owner is a member of the club and the Bonder system is utilised in the many local kiwifruit coolstores.

The pavilion utilised the generous contributions of the architect, local contractors and suppliers as well as club members to create a unique space that is the focal point for club activities, as well as providing a function room for the wider community.  

"I love your work at Te Puke Tennis Club.. I play interclub there often, and it's just gorgeous and has such a welcoming feel to it."